class openfe.ProtocolUnit(*, name: str | None = None, **inputs)#

A unit of work within a ProtocolDAG.

Create an instance of a ProtocolUnit.

  • name (str) – Custom name to give this

  • **inputs – Keyword arguments, which can include other ProtocolUnit`s on which this `ProtocolUnit is dependent. Should be either gufe objects or JSON-serializables.

property name: str | None#

Optional name for the ProtocolUnit.

property inputs: Dict[str, Any]#

Inputs to the ProtocolUnit.

Includes any ProtocolUnit instances this ProtocolUnit depends on.

property dependencies: list[gufe.protocols.protocolunit.ProtocolUnit]#

All units that this unit is dependent on (parents)

execute(*, context: Context, raise_error: bool = False, **inputs) ProtocolUnitResult | ProtocolUnitFailure#

Given ProtocolUnitResult s from dependencies, execute this ProtocolUnit.

  • context (Context) – Execution context for this ProtocolUnit; includes e.g. shared and scratch Path s.

  • raise_error (bool) – If True, raise any errors instead of catching and returning a ProtocolUnitFailure default False

  • **inputs – Keyword arguments giving the named inputs to _execute. These can include ProtocolUnitResult objects from ProtocolUnit objects this unit is dependent on.