class openfe.ProtocolUnitFailure(*, name=None, source_key, inputs, outputs, _key=None, exception, traceback, start_time: datetime.datetime | None = None, end_time: datetime.datetime | None = None)#

Failed result of a single ProtocolUnit execution.

  • name (Optional[str]) – Name of the ProtocolUnit that produced this ProtocolUnitResult.

  • source_key (GufeKey) – Key of the ProtocolUnit that produced this ProtocolUnitResult

  • inputs (Dict[str, Any]) – Inputs to the ProtocolUnit that produced this ProtocolUnitResult. Includes any ProtocolUnitResult this ProtocolUnitResult was dependent on.

  • outputs (Dict[str, Any]) – Outputs from the ProtocolUnit._execute that generated this ProtocolUnitResult.

  • exception (Tuple[str, Tuple[Any, ...]]) – A tuple giving details on the exception raised during ProtocolUnit execution. The first element gives the type of exception raised; the second element is a tuple giving the exception’s args values.

  • traceback (str) – The traceback given by the exception.

property exception: Tuple[str, Tuple[Any, ...]]#
property traceback: str#
static ok() bool#
property dependencies: list[gufe.protocols.protocolunit.ProtocolUnitResult]#

All results that this result was dependent on

property end_time: datetime | None#

The time at which execution of this Unit finished

property inputs#
property name#
property outputs#
property source_key#
property start_time: datetime | None#

The time execution of this Unit began